Born and raised in the Australian back-country Tim’s spent the past five decades honing his guiding skills. Specialized in leading travel expeditions through Samoa, he’s passionate about sharing his knowledge and deep respect of the land with island visitors.

An authentic Bushwalker, he prides himself in preserving the cultural integrity of the island refusing to conform to commercial tours and canned excursions.

"As a passionate eco-friendly traveler I’ve been fortunate to have experienced many fine adventure destinations, and excursions in the Pacific Rim. From extensive hiking and caving in Tasmania, canyoneering in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, circling around and through the Australian outback, mountaineering in New Zealand and the Canadian Rockies to experiencing the Sub Antarctic on Macquarie Island, northern Canadian tundra I’ve hiked countless mountain trails, kayaked rivers, and explored the backroads to paradise while experiencing the world the way mother nature intended. That’s why I’m excited to introduce travelers to Samoa by creating affordable and ethical adventure packages that are purposely off grid and off the beaten path. Whether travelling for the first time or returning to our island paradise, we have put together some of the most amazing and unique tours of things to see and do in Samoa"